Career Day at Ebenezer 1979

Joe Marchese of Marchese Construction brought his Mavic Pro drone, iPad, 3D Printer, flat screen TV and laser measuring tools and spoke, to the students of Ebenezer Elementary School, in Effingham county, about technology in construction. None of these tools were available when he entered the construction field working for his Grandfather in 1979. Using the example of continuing education for the teachers He urged the students to become life long learners. At every stage of your career you must be a student. He also explained that the construction jobs of tomorrow have not been invented yet and the greatest ability is flexibility. 

After asking the students to find their passion he stated that working in construction was the COOLEST job in the world. He closed by telling them that the people that join them on their journey are the most important asset they will ever have. He urged them to BE KIND and that a gentle answer will turn away wrath. He did not make any money from the whining fee.

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